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Reading Tutors For Struggling Readers

Since our beginning in 2004, hundreds of children, teens and adults have discovered that they have gained much more than they expected from “reading tutors”.

With our one-on-one instruction our students have left reading failure behind and have become great readers.  They and their parents then notice that their gain in reading ability has brought about a greater confidence in every subject.

 Why is reading important?
National statistics show that children who can read proficiently in the third grade are four times more likely to graduate from high school.

Get Rid of Reading Failure and Frustration

We understand the frustration and discouragement you face when you or your your child is failing to read at grade level.  While that definitely impacts success in school, the bigger concern is that one’s reading skills have a life-long impact on one’s confidence and ability to succeed in life.

With our systematic reading instruction program, children and adults can leave the struggle behind them – even those who are said to be dyslexic.  Let us help you or your child experience a transformation in the ability to read and learn.

When your child graduates from our reading course, it is our goal that they will join others who have told usYou have changed my life!“.

 “No more force feeding.  My son is now a voluntary reader! He even requests trips to the library.”
– Mother of 5th grade graduate of our program  (reading level gain of 3.2 years).

Reading Tutoring or Reading Instruction?

You’ve probably arrived at our web site looking for a reading tutor who will provide more of the same teaching method that you or your child has received in school.  What if a better way of learning to read was available?

There is a better way to learn how to read.  Pure phonics instruction was the way everyone learned to read in the early 1900’s when 90% of the adult population in America’s large cities could read anything in print.  That’s a different method than is taught in most public schools today.   That very successful phonics instruction method is incorporated into the Academic Associates Learning Centers ® reading program we use.

Rather than just help someone read a little better, we teach students how to read well, often beyond their current grade level.   The personalized, one-on-one instruction program we use was created by Academic Associates Learning Centers ® .  It’s used around the world, in hundreds of public and private instruction settings.

This systematic and logical system teaches the 44 sounds made by letters, and simple rules anyone can learn. If a student can learn the 42 rules for playing basketball, they can learn the rules that will help them become a great reader!

Improving Reading Fluency and Comprehension

As our students become very good readers, they also need to be able to improve reading fluency and comprehension (understanding and remembering what they read).  We work on both of these areas.

Fluency comes with practice, and with the building of the student’s confidence in their new reading skills.

Comprehension skills are critically important.  It’s possible for a person to be a fast and fluent reader, yet not understand and remember what they’ve read.  Our students learn ways to approach reading so that they are able to retell what they’ve read, answer factual questions about the passage and be able to draw conclusions about the content.

“His schoolwork has improved dramatically since he started your course, and he is now an honor roll student. He used to avoid reading, whereas now he enjoys it.”
– Mother of 5th grade student

Reading Success Leads To Changed Lives!

In recognition of the significant learning advantage our graduates have received, many have told us “You have changed my life!”.

Our curriculum, and patient and encouraging instruction, is a “difference maker” for all ages. Our course works equally well for an elementary school, middle school or high school student, college student, and adults as well!

Every one of our students makes improvements in their reading ability, and that changes many parts of their lives.  The ability to read and understand what they read impacts every area of life, in school and beyond.

Read the testimonies on our “Testimonials” page and you’ll see that we make a difference in the lives of students of all ages.

Parents Are Welcomed

We welcome and encourage you to sit in on each of your child’s lessons.  The benefit is that you can see and hear them make progress, and you can better help them review the rules they have learned.  You may choose to sit by their side or you may sit on our comfortable living room couch or love seat where you can hear them as they use the rules they have learned to sound  out words.

Meet Your Reading Tutors


Brynda Filkins photoBrynda Filkins – Brynda has earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in education and a Masters of Library Science Degree.  Her work experience includes several years teaching high school English and experience as a high school librarian.  In addition to being a Licensed Reading Instruction Specialist, Brynda is a trained Brain Integration Therapist.



David Filkins photoDavid Filkins – David has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.  His work experience includes engineering, marketing, IT project management, and business trainer.  In addition to being a Licensed Reading Instruction Specialist, Dave is also a Math Tutor.


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