Reading Tutor Testimonials

Testimonials of Reading Student Graduates Grades 3 – Adult

Note:  Testimonials start with Third Grade reading students since many of our youngest students begin in the last half of the second grade and finish early in the third grade.

Third Grade Reading Student Testimonies

“After my son struggled with reading for more than 3 years we enrolled him in the program and couldn’t be more thrilled with the results.  He now has a solid foundation for the rest of his school career.  It was worth every penny!”
– Mother of 3rd grade student (reading level gain of 2.1 years)
I have had two children in this program, one is now in high school in the National Honor Society and the younger one is now using what he learned to help in school. This was the best thing I could have done for my children.”
– Mother of 3rd grade and 11th grade students (reading level gains of 1.5 and 3.5 years)
“As a toddler my son loved to look at books and be read story, after story, after story!  When it came time to learn how to read he struggled and we tried many things at home to help.  Then, we sought out a tutor.  That program helped his confidence but his reading ability didn’t change after eight months.  Then, we learned about the Reading Clinic.  We saw changes quickly!Mr. and Mrs. Filkins offered so much encouragement and patience.  This program, along with the Brain Integration work, has changed his life!  I find him reading books all the time!  It is wonderful to see him return to books!”
– Mother of 3rd grade student (reading level gain of 3.2 years)
“My son struggled with reading and knew he was behind the other kids in school.  Dave helped him build his self-confidence that he would improve and was always encouraging along the way.  The phonics program “clicked” with my son.  It was presented in a manner he understood and he was always excited to realize he was reading better.
“Dave and Brynda were both excellent with my son and did wonders with building his self-confidence.  He graduated above class level and hopes to excel in school.  He now enjoys reading.”
– Mother of 3rd grade student (reading level gain of 2.0 years)
“This reading program was a lifesaver after spending a year and a half being tutored in (another program) and not seeing the results we hoped for.   I’m proud to say he is able to stay in his classroom now and does not have to go out to receive special help.”
– Mother of 3rd grade student
“The individualized attention that our son received was a great confidence builder. Progress was realized every class period.  This program worked where (other’s) didn’t. He’s on the honor roll now.” – Mother of 3rd grade student

Fourth Grade Reading Student Testimonies

“Academic Associates has changed my son’s life.  He is a stronger person and has so much confidence in himself and his reading.  We are so happy we did this for our son, and we suggest this to everyone no matter the level of reading their child may be at. Thank you to the staff.”
– Mother of 4th grade student
“This program is wonderful.  It is definitely worth the time and money that was put into it.  This is not a scam or trick; this is very real.  This program made all the difference to my son and his reading ability.  He is more confident and understands the rules of reading better.  I even relearned things I had forgotten.  The teacher we had was top notch.  She provided a safe, loving and comforting environment to learn in and was understanding of my son’s disability.  I would absolutely recommend them to anyone.”
– Mother of 4th grade student
“Our son was invited and welcomed into the Filkins’ home and given many opportunities to shine, learn, and feel good about himself.  He now reads with such confidence.  Your instruction and your kindness are second to none.  Thank you for making such a difference in our son’s life, now and for his future.  He, nor we, shall ever forget what you have done for him.  Thank you.” – Mother of 4th grade student
“Our family approached the Reading Clinic with high hopes for our younger son, who had previously struggled with the conventional methods taught in the public school system.  Our initial testing indicated that our fourth grader was only reading at a 1st grade level and we needed help.  I can honestly tell you our son is a great judge of character and had only spent a few minutes with the Filkins’ before he was ready to get going.  For the 1st time in a learning environment, we saw our son wanting to go back and wanting to learn more.  By the time he graduated from the program he had surpassed his own grade level expectations at that time.  The net gain was over 3 grade levels of growth in what I would consider a very short period of time.  In the end, what I truly feel sets this program apart from the others is the genuine care given by the instructors.  Anyone can profess their teaching skills and wave their certificate, diploma, or other.  However, children that learn and grow as a result of the program, sport, or classroom only add to the unwritten resume of success!”
– Father of 4th grade student (reading level gain of 3.2 years)
“My daughter enjoyed the course.  She looked forward to her class time each week.  David and Brynda have the understanding and a special way about themselves to help a struggling student.”
– Mother of 4th grade student (reading level gain of 3.3 years)
“We were so sure we would have to hold our daughter back, so we started her with your Reading Clinic mid-year.  At the end of the year, she received the Most Improved Fourth Grader Overall award.  You changed her life!” – Mother of 4th grade student
“My daughter has found interest in reading and has begun reading for pleasure.  She doesn’t look at reading as work anymore.”
– Mother of 4th grade student
“We are very pleased with his success.  My son’s level of achievement has given him the confidence to excel at anything he wants to accomplish.”
– Mother of 4th grade student

Fifth Grade Reading Student Testimonies

“No more force feeding. My son is now a voluntary reader!  He even requests trips to the library.” – Mother of 5th grade student (reading level gain of 3.0 years)
“To watch your child struggle in reading is heart breaking.  Only two weeks into the program she was wanting to go 4 times a week.  To see her smile and accomplish other goals is an amazing feeling.  She is not afraid to read or scared that she gets a word wrong.  She works right through it!  Thanks for all that you have done to help her along the way.”
– Mother of 5th grade student (reading level gain of 3.5 years)
“His schoolwork has improved dramatically since he started your course, and he is now an honor roll student.  He used to avoid reading, whereas now he enjoys it.”
– Mother of 5th grade student

Sixth Grade Reading Student Testimonies

“I highly recommend this course to anyone who may be struggling with reading.  My son had slipped through the cracks at school and was at a 4th grade reading level in the 6th grade. This course has brought him up to an 8th grade reading level in one year.  To hear him read, and comprehend what he was reading, brought me to tears.”
– Mother of 6th grade student

Eight Grade Reading Student Testimonies

“I wanted to read on my grade level and I wanted to get out of Special Ed. I did both!”
– 8th grade student
“I liked the one-on-one instruction and pacing based on each individual student.  The program length was shorter than expected.  I’m thrilled with his progress!”
– Mother of 8th grade student

Eleventh Grade Reading Student Testimony

“You showed an enormous amount of patience with our son!  He could work at his own pace and not feel stressed.”
– Mother of 11th grade student

Adult Reading Student Testimonials

“Excellent course.  I learned a lot!  I had fun while I was learning.  Thank you!” – Adult
“I would highly recommend this class.  This course taught me how to use the sounds made by letters to sound out words.  Both my son and I took the class and it did us both a lot of good.  People told me there was nothing they could do for my child.  After feeling lost for 40+ years,  because I couldn’t read to my own kids, I thought he was going to be lost like me!  In 40 hours my life changed for the better.  Now, when I have grandchildren, I’ll be ale to read to them!”
– Adult (reading level gain of 5.2 years)

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