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We provide math tutoring and instruction for students in:

  • Elementary school grades
  • Middle school grades
  • Pre-Algebra
  • Algebra 1

Our Math Tutoring Is Different

Students appreciate our logical process that:

  • Uncovers and strengthens areas of weakness
  • Removes the fear of embarrassment
  • Removes frustration
  • Improves understanding
  • Leads to “Now I get it!” responses
  • Leads to improved progress in math class

Overcome The Feeling That Math is Hard

If you’ve heard your child say math is hard, or if you’ve observed they avoid working on math problems, they are probably having difficulty because they have a weak understanding in one or more topics.  They would likely benefit from private tutoring, where they can ask any question and be confident no one will make them feel embarrassed.

In math, if you haven’t mastered a topic, understanding the next topic that must be learned is difficult.  If they don’t understand one or two related topics, it’s like trying to climb a ladder with one or two rungs missing.   This can lead to a feeling of hopelessness and math becomes the dreaded and “hated” subject.

Remove The Thought “I just don’t get it”

David knows the feeling of discouragement that can result from a weak understanding of several math topics.  He has experienced “just not getting it”.

A weak understanding of past math concepts leads to difficulty with the current math topics.  It’s critically important that a student discover the missing pieces of the math puzzle and gain a correct understanding.

 “Our youngest son really struggled with math concepts and seemingly continued to fall further and further behind in school.  After a very successful completion of your reading program, we began the math program with similar results.  We have been more then pleased with the results and I cannot put words to the confidence that our son gained with the power of knowledge.”
– Parent of a 6th grade student


Special Summertime Math Tutoring and Review

During the summer months we provide a thorough review of what was covered in the previous school year.  A summer review prevents the significant loss of skills during summer vacation.

In addition, for many students a summer review provides a clarification of misunderstood topics.  This makes the next year’s math courses much easier!

Meet Your Math Tutor – David Filkins

David Filkins photoDavid has earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering.  His work experience includes engineering, marketing, IT project management, and business trainer.  Dave is also a Licensed Reading Instruction Specialist.



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