Dyslexia And Other Reading Disabilities

The term dyslexia is derived from two words:  dys, meaning unable, and lexicon, which pertains to written words.  So the literal meaning of dyslexia is unable to read written words.  Clinical dyslexia is probably a neurological condition in which the brain reverses or distorts the images it receives from the eyes.  Clinical dyslexia is rare, [...]

Tutoring Centers – How To Get The Best Results

Many reading programs are being used in schools and tutoring centers. All claim to be effective, but in fact, most merely rehash the same old sight-reading techniques that have been tried and found wanting over the past 70-plus years. A rash of new courses purporting to teach phonics has appeared recently, and they do teach [...]

Reading Comprehension

Many parents call our Reading Clinic seeking help for reading comprehension. Reading comprehension will automatically increase when students begin to read by phonics.  This improvement has two explanations: When students learn to read by phonics, rather than sight words or guessing by looking at pictures, the brain processes the data efficiently in the left hemisphere [...]