Effective Reading Tutors and Math Tutors
in Charlotte, Michigan

We teach children and adults who are ….

  • Behind the reading level of others at their age
  • Frustrated with reading failure and frequently guessing words
  • Not understanding and remembering what he or she reads
  • Needing help understanding and improving their math skills
“I have had two children in this program, one is now in high school in the National Honor Society and the younger one is now using what he learned to help in school.  This was the best thing I could have done for my children.”
– Mother of 3rd grade and 11th grade students (reading level gains of 1.5 and 3.5 years)

Our Proven System of Reading Instruction

With our proven reading instruction system, we teach struggling readers how to be great readers, which leads to greater success in school and in life. The nationally-proven system we use is effective for children, teens and adults.

With our reading system, an adult, teen or younger child will:

  • Benefit from a proven one-on-one reading tutoring and instruction method.
  • Have the same teacher every week, at the same time(s).
  • Experience a learning pace that is just right for them.
  • Be encouraged by their systematic progress, lesson by lesson.
  • Learn how to comprehend and remember what they have  read.
  • Practice reading accurately, with improved comprehension and improved fluency.
“We were so sure we would have to hold our daughter back, so we started her with your Reading Clinic mid-year.  At the end of the year, she received the Most Improved Fourth Grader Overall award.  You changed her life!”
– Mother of 4th grade student

Improved Reading Results

Typical Results Of Our Reading Program

  • Students gain 2 to 5 grade levels in 50-60 hours (older students complete the course in much less time)
  • Comprehension improves
  • Confidence soars in all areas of study and life
“No more force feeding.  My son is now a voluntary reader!  He even requests trips to the library.”
Mother of 5th grade graduate of our program  (reading level gain of 3.2 years)

Parents Are Welcomed

We welcome and encourage you to sit in on each of your child’s lessons.  The benefit is that you can see and hear them make progress, and you can better help them review the rules they have learned.  You may choose to sit by their side or you may sit on our comfortable living room couch or love seat where you can hear them as they use the rules they have learned to sound out words.

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